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How Can I Support You?

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My late in life diagnosis with Asperger’s Syndrome put my life into context with one simple word – understanding.


I now understand why I’m different.

I now understand why I behave in certain ways and perhaps why others have treated me as an outsider.

However, my diagnosis has unleashed a new understanding of my own strengths and what I am capable of.


With this new understanding of my skills and attributes comes a realisation that there’s nothing I can’t achieve.

I view my Asperger’s Syndrome as my Superpower.

I can help you discover your own Superpower - or those of your employees - with simple to implement strategies and coping mechanisms that can be your stepping stone to success.

Let me help you get the best from yourself - and your team - by sharing with you my vision for how Asperger’s Syndrome can be seen as a positive trait for a modern, diverse and inclusive workplace.  

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the 7 Steps Online Programme

Click here to contact me if you would like to discuss coaching for you or your team - or speaking at your event

New Programme Coming Soon

'Managing Your Own Asperger's Syndrome At Work'

Contact me with your email address and I'll let you know when new programmes are published.

I've created an online programme with 7 video training modules, supported by a workbook.

This course is designed to help employers manage people who have Asperger's Syndrome in their workplace - and help you fulfil your legal duty to an employee who may have what employment laws call a 'disability'. I prefer to call it a Superpower!

The course is specifically written for you and your team to help you understand how to get the best from your employees - to understand their challenges as well as recognising the different talents they will have which other employees may well not have.

That's their Superpower!

Whilst there will be challenges, and these people do need to be managed in a different way, there are also benefits in tapping into their full potential.

Which is, of course, true for all employees.

Asperger's Superheroes™

The 7 Steps Programme On Ways To Manage, Support And Integrate People With Asperger's Syndrome In Your Work Place

"I had an extremely interesting and useful conversation with Andrew Marsh.

During a recent listening skills workshop that I ran, questions were raised by non-neurotypical individuals than I felt unqualified to answer. So, I reached out to Andrew, knowing his expertise on managing people with Asperger’s Syndrome.

My key take away from the conversation was that the many of the strategies that are most effective in helping people on the spectrum, to function at their best and show their superpowers, are also what I would regard as essential management and leadership behaviours.

It reinforced my belief in the importance of developing people-centred management and leadership skills, especially in technical teams where there is (I believe) a higher likelihood of a team member being on the spectrum.

If you have anyone in your team who you know is (or even suspect may be) on the autistic spectrum and are frustrated at not getting the best from their talents, than I recommend you speak with Andrew for some practical, easy to implement strategies, from someone who understands first-hand the impact and benefit they will have to ALL members of the team".

Morag Shaw

The Enlightened Innovator

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