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All my life I have struggled to fit in from the simplest of things like a family gathering to working in large multidisciplinary teams in consulting engineering.


These struggles have made me stand out from the crowd and not always for the right reasons.

Being different has led to bullying and abuse on an almost daily basis but somehow I have found an inner strength - the resilience - to overcome these challenges and achieve my goals.


This dogged determination to succeed has enabled me to thrive as a geologist and now in helping businesses and employees with my new speaking and coaching business.

Diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome much later in life than most, it all made sense. You can read more about this on the Profile page.


I can help you with your challenges and help you become who you were meant to be and to achieve your dreams.

The Resilient Asperger™
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Let me share my resilience strategies and tools with you - in coaching sessions or in speaking at team or large events, whether in person or virtually online.

All my life, it has been a bit of a struggle - as a child, a student, an employee and now in building my own business.

It has given me great insights into the challenges we can face - in life, at work and in business. I would be delighted to help others who have had similar experiences.
It's Not A Sign Of Weakness To Need Help Or To Ask for Help
Build Your Resilience

​Here are just a few tips to help you build your resilience. I have many more...


  • Have strong goals and strive to achieve them

  • Ask for clarity of instructions if anything is unclear

  • Before answering questions, pause for a moment to think

  • Use open questions to get a better understanding of other people's point of view

  • Keep your own records of conversations and changes made to demonstrate good self-management and discipline

"Andrew provides great personal insight into growing up with undiagnosed ASD, and finally having a diagnosis in adulthood.


He describes the challenges he faced in family life, his personal life, education and work. He does so with humour but the messaging remains clear and there is poignancy throughout.


He also captures the strengths and advantages that ASD has brought to him and can bring to others.


His story is an important one for us all to remember and tells us why and how we must do better for neurodivergent people".

ADHD Parent Support Group - West Glasgow

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