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Andrew Marsh
The Resilient Asperger™
Virtual or in the Room

I speak about Asperger's Syndrome and Resilience - both for individuals and in the workplace.


This can be as brief as 10 minutes or for up to 30 minutes.


I find that teams and audiences enjoy the Q&A, which I'm very comfortable with. That can be for up to a further 20 minutes.


We can have a breakfast, lunch or end of day session, whether that's an online virtual event or in the room. 

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Empowering Your Asperger's Superheroes
Learn to understand why some people struggle more than others - whether it's Asperger's Syndrome, autism or not. 

Once you recognise their strengths, and their challenges, you will have a much more productive and loyal employee.

We're not all the same, so it just doesn't make sense to treat us all the same.

See the unique benefits, unleash the potential and watch them soar.
Rock Solid Resilience™
We can all develop resilience in our thinking and our behaviours. It's essential, isn't it?

In these pandemic times, it's not only for those of us with personal challenges. Everyone needs resilience.

I learned a lot in my career as a geologist - hence the 'Rock Solid Resilience'. 

Let me share tools and strategies that I have developed over the years. 

You don't need to struggle alone.

PSA Scotland Speaker Factor Winner 2020

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I'm an associate member of the Professional Speaking Association of UK and Ireland.
I was proud to win the PSA Scotland annual 5-minute-limit competition - held virtually - with my talk “Revealing the Asperger’s Superheroes in Your Workplace”.
Here I am with my 'virtual' trophy! I did also receive a certificate.
I serve as a member of the PSA Scotland Committee and am the PSA Scotland 2022 Speaker Factor Coordinator for this year’s competition.

"Andrew provides great personal insight,  with humour, but the messaging remains clear and there is poignancy throughout...


His story is an important one for us all to remember and tells us why and how we must do better for neurodivergent people".

ADHD Parent Support Group - West Glasgow

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