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Empower Your
Asperger's Superheroes™

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Andrew Marsh

The Resilient Asperger™

Speaker. Author. Coach.

Hi and Welcome!

At the age of 51, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome - and all my life struggles, through childhood and various careers, all of a sudden just 'made sense'.

I have had to find my inner strength and resilience to cope with challenges in communication, relationships and 'thinking differently' to most people.

There's more of my story on the
Profile page.

Weekly free Zoom Call

3pm Wednesday

"Talking Asperger’s (and more…) with Andrew"

Details here on LinkedIn

If you are wondering why life or business seems more of a challenge for you, a colleague or member of your family, whether or not there is some form of diagnosis, I can help. 

I coach individuals and teams and speak at small and large events, in person or online.

You'll find lots of helpful information on this site.

As well as an online programme, "Empowering Asperger's Superheroes", I will be adding free resources so do sign up for my email tips and tools so we can keep in touch.

Sign up and I'll send you a 2-page outline for saving and sharing and - not too often though - top tips by email and videos.

You'll also be first to hear about my new blogs, various appearances on podcasts and the link for the free weekly Zoom Call.

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How Can I Support You?

Empowering Asperger's

in the Workplace

For more - including my online course - visit the
Asperger's Syndrome page

Rock Solid Resilience™

for individuals and teams

In these challenging times we all need to be resilient.

Through childhood and various career moves, including many years as a geologist, I learned a number of coping strategies.

I would be delighted to share them with you and your team, to help you build your own resilience.
For more visit the Resilience page
in person or virtually
Speaking to your team
or at your event.

Speaking from 10 to 30 minutes
Followed by a very engaging Q&A.
in person or virtually
Individual or Group Coaching for Leaders, Managers and Employees.

One-off or, for real impact, a programme over a few sessions.

"If you have anyone in your team who you know is (or even suspect may be) on the autistic spectrum and are frustrated at not getting the best from their talents...

I recommend you speak with Andrew for some practical, easy to implement strategies, from someone who understands first-hand the impact and benefit they will have to ALL members of the team".

Morag Shaw

The Enlightened Innovator

 To arrange an informal chat, email me or use the contact form  

Thanks for your message. I'll be in touch shortly.

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