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 Individual and Group Coaching 
In Person or Online

From my career as a Geologist in the Construction Industry, I have seen at first hand a range of leadership and management.


From exceptional leaders, who can inspire employees to achieve great things, through to - unfortunately - bad and poorly trained managers who can completely demoralise a workforce.

Using my geological experiences in tandem with my NLP training, I have developed my own coaching systems, tools and programmes.

For Employers, this will enable you to get the best from all of your employees, not just those who have Asperger’s Syndrome or other behavioural challenges.

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For Individuals, you will learn to understand your own life challenges and develop strategies and techniques to help you be the best you can be.


These practical, easy-to-implement tools and techniques can be used for any situation in the workplace so that both the individual and the employer gain a better understanding of what it takes to inspire and empower the team.


This will allow each individual to shine and deliver excellence in the workplace, for the benefit of all.

Coaching Support For You and Your Team

3 x 1-2-1

Special Offer

Group Coaching

Special Offer
£295 per person

1 x 1-2-1

Special Offer

Coaching, Mentoring and more
There are different types and styles of coaching. I use a mix of different approaches, tailored to your needs. That will include:
  • Helping you find your own answers - through skilled questioning and patient listening
  • Teaching you about Asperger's Syndrome, autism, the spectrum and how this can affect people's lives - for the person with the diagnosis or behaviours, as well as those around them whether at work or at home
  • Experiential - sharing my own life experiences as well as relevant case studies to show how real-life and applicable my tools, tips and techniques can be for you

We can do this in person or virtually online through Zoom and other platforms.
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